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July, 2008

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A blog about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from a developer on the team.

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    SSWUG Business Intelligence Virtual Conference

    I’ve been invited to speak at the SSWUG BI Virtual Conference in September. Like John Welch mentioned in his blog, the current speaker lineup is very impressive. I’m honored (and a little intimidated) to be on the presenters list! I’ll be flying out to...
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    Regular Expression Flat File Source

    The RegEx flat file source is one of the new community samples for SQL Server 2008 we’ve published to Codeplex. It uses regular expressions to extract values from a text file. It works similar to the flat file source, except that it’s not limited to CSV...
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    First two community samples for 2008 now on Codeplex

    The Integration Services Community Samples project is now active on Codeplex. These samples are being created by the SSIS product team to supplement the content in books online, and the Product Samples for 2008 . They will (hopefully) provide useful functionality...
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    Creating a custom task with a default UI

    The Developing a User Interface for a Custom Task entry in Books Online describes how to build your UI from scratch, but there is an easier way to create a UI that has the same look and feel as the stock tasks that ship with SSIS. The Microsoft.DataTransformationServices...
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    Fuzzy Lookup similarity scores

    I recently received this question about Fuzzy Lookup behavior (paraphrased): We are seeing something very strange within the Fuzzy Lookup component. When you have different ref tables, both containing the same value, but one having a lot more data, you...
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