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SSWUG Business Intelligence Virtual Conference

SSWUG Business Intelligence Virtual Conference

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I’ve been invited to speak at the SSWUG BI Virtual Conference in September. Like John Welch mentioned in his blog, the current speaker lineup is very impressive. I’m honored (and a little intimidated) to be on the presenters list! I’ll be flying out to Tucson in early September to record three SSIS related sessions:

  • What’s new in SSIS in SQL Server 2008
  • Beyond Scripting – Developing reusable extensions for SSIS
  • Advanced lookup scenarios in Integration Services with SQL Server 2008

The conference will take place online September 24th – 26th. The session list hasn’t been posted yet, but judging by the list of speakers, I’m sure it will be interesting.

  • Chris Shaw has posted my answers to some interview questions he sent out to all of the speakers at the

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