Competitive Comparison of SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

Competitive Comparison of SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

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Did you know about this white paper comparing SSIS to IBM Information Server (DataStage), Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle Data Integrator? I had heard rumors of its existence, but I hadn’t actually seen the links for it until now.

I saw a lot of good points in there, but looking at the chart on page 2 (which I’ve included below), it seems to me that it may have a slight bias towards SSIS…


What do you think? Are white papers like this an effective way to get our message out there?

EDIT: The spell checker in Windows Live Writer suggests “overeater” for “PowerCenter” … I found that amusing.

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  • What about how SSIS irritations compare?  

    1) The documentation our of SSIS is basically non-existance.  The most basic ETL process is a data mapping and you can only see it in the GUI.  What do the other tools provide?

    2) The performance of BIDS is much worse than using DTS - largely because of .Net.  How do the developer tools compare?

    3) The community around SSIS is good - but largely trying to provide fixes for features lacking from MS.  Things like CheckSum are third party.  How do other tools compare?

  • Kevin points out some good URLs to look at including a comparison of data pump toos to SSIS and new tool he'll be writing about in the Tool Time column.

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