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October, 2008

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A blog about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from a developer on the team.

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    Attunity connectors for Oracle and Teradata are now available

    The high speed connectors for Oracle and Teradata are now available for download .   Supported versions Platforms Oracle or higher x86, x64, ia64 Teradata 2R6.0, 2R6.1, 2R6.2 and 12.0 x86, x64 Attunity has done a great job putting these together...
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    Lookup cache modes

    Over the past couple of months I've been putting together a presentation on the Lookup Transform. I presented most of it as a Chalk Talk at the MS BI Conference last week, and from the evaluation scores, it seems like it was pretty well received. I'll...
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    Calculating the size of your Lookup cache

    Good news - a couple of Information log events where added to the Lookup Transform in SQL 2008 to help you better understand your lookup cache. When you're running in Full Cache mode , the message will tell you the number of rows in the cache, its total...
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    Presenting at the Microsoft BI Conference

    On Monday (October 6th) I’ll be doing a chalk talk presentation at the MS BI Conference . The topic is Advanced Scenarios with the Lookup Transform . Here is the abstract: Performing lookups is one of the most common operations in the ETL process, and...
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    SQL Server 2005 SP3 beta now available

    The SQL Server 2005 SP3 beta is now available for download . The service pack doesn't contain any new features for SSIS, but it does contain a number of bug fixes - a roll up of all of the cumulative updates since SP2, as well as some fixes that were...
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    SSWUG virtual conference interview

    Chris Shaw has posted my answers to some interview questions he sent out to all of the speakers at the upcoming SSWUG Virtual Conference . I hope I don't get into trouble for any of them. I've mentioned the conference before , and I thought I'd take...
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    Presenting at PASS

    I’ll be co-presenting a session at PASS this year entitled Incremental data warehouse loads with MERGE and Change Data Capture . This will be my first PASS conference, and I’m really looking forward to it. The conference is November 18-21 in Seattle....
  • SSIS Team Blog Business Intelligence Virtual Conference

    The virtual conference is less than a week away. If you haven't already registered, you can use this VIP code to get an additional discount off the admission price. VIP CODE: MMASVIP Incase you missed it, a preview of my Lookup session (as well...
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