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January, 2009

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A blog about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from a developer on the team.

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    Writing to a MySQL database from SSIS

    A couple of users reported being unable to use the ADO.NET destination to insert data into their mysql databases. When I originally tried this out , it worked, but it seems like changes made since the early 2008 CTPs have made us incompatible with MySQL...
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    SSIS portal pages get an overhaul

    Be sure to swing by the newly redesigned Integration Services 2008 portal page on MSDN (and TechNet ). The portal is a great place to go for SSIS resources, and will be continually updated with “what’s new” and “what’s best” for SSIS. Also make sure to...
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    API Sample – Data Conversion

    This sample creates a data flow package with an OLEDB Source and a Data Convert transform. The transform converts the CustomerKey column (int) to a WSTR(50), and stores the result in the CustomerKeyAsString column. static void Main( string [] args) ...
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    API Sample – Lookup Transform

    This sample creates a data flow package with an OLEDB Source component feeding into a Lookup Transform. The Lookup transform is set to Full Cache mode, and uses [DimCustomer] as its reference table. Items of interest: CustomerKey and GeographyKey are...
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