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May, 2009

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A blog about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from a developer on the team.

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    Tutorial: SSIS Performance Videos

    This post is coming a little late (these have already been announced here and here ), but incase you haven’t seen these before, I wanted to bring attention to four new performance related created by the SQLCAT and SSIS teams. They mostly focus on larger...
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    Avoiding Common Pitfalls in SSIS

    I’ve uploaded the slides for the Chalk Talk I gave at TechEd last week. I always appreciate feedback (good or bad), and I’ve gotten some great comments so far. If you attended the session (or just like the slides), feel free to comment below.
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    Samples for the CDC & Merge demo

    I’ve put together the samples I used in the Incremental Data Warehousing talk I did at the SSWUG.Org Virtual Conference. You can download them from my sky drive, here: The zip has a readme.txt file that should explain how to setup and run the samples...
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