SSIS and Visual Studio 2010

SSIS and Visual Studio 2010

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UPDATE 2013-03-25: To clarify, VS2010 support was added in the SQL 2012 release. We also support VS 2012.



There was a very lively connect issue about SSIS’ lack of support for VS 2010. Jeff Bernhardt recently posted an official reply on the thread, and I thought it would be good to repost it here:

First of all, thank you to those customers who have offered feedback regarding how your work and productivity are impacted by Integration Services (SSIS) not yet being available in Visual Studio 2010. As developers ourselves, we certainly understand the frustration you have reported in having two Visual Studio instances installed and maintained on your development machines. While this side-by-side configuration works, it is certainly a less ideal solution to operating SSIS from within VS 2010. Unfortunately, the staggered ship cycles of the two products (VS and SSIS) and some convoluted dependencies did not allow us to reunite the development environments of both tools until the next version of SQL Server.

Meanwhile, please be assured that SSIS projects continue to be supported by Visual Studio both now and into the foreseeable future. Until the next version of SQL Server, we will be happy to discuss with any Visual Studio 2010 customer ways in which they can optimize the interoperability of VS and SSIS. We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to improving your user experience both now and in the future.

Jeff Bernhardt
Product Unit Manager
SQL Server Integration Services

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  • I thought the same thing - after I installed VS 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 I was surprised that it wasn't the version used.  Funny how this "BI" release (SQL Server 2008 R2) only gave us one or two changes to SSIS, the largest "BI" portion of SQL Server.

    Lee Everest

  • The moment a new version of SQL server is shipped we will be using another new version of visual studio shipped on that date. So it means we still end up using two instances of visual studio :(

  • Would like to see improved support for data merges between two data sources.  Maybe something as simple as specifying a timestamp column or a row hash.  For my case, if we could easily merge the data in SSIS (instead of delete and bulk insert), we wouldn't really care how long the package took to execute (within reason).

  • What Service Pack will we be receiving the SSIS project type within Visual Studio? I'm currently working in a VS 2010 & SQL 2008 environment, and it would be SWEET if I could write some data migration components in SSIS rather than writing custom windows services.


  • I'm not aware of any plans to release VS 2010 support as a service pack - I believe it would come in in the next release of SQL Server.

    Note, you can create SSIS packages programmatically using VS 2010. You could take a look at EzAPI, which provides a simpler way of creating data flows dynamically.

  • How lame MS is!!! No support for SSIS in VS2010. I'm an expert in SQL Server and other db technologies. SQL Server as a product is great. Only so sorry someone other than MS does not produce it because MS just does not seem to have a clue about the real world. Everything else they do is so foobar. Thanks why I'm switching to Java plus on the path to NoSQL (although I have some reservations here).

  • Hi everyone,

    This is not a problem for us to mainteain 2 product : vs 2008 and 2010,

    but when we have Team Foundation 2010 who is perfectly integreted with VS 2010,

    how can u do whitout SourceSafe for BI Project ? Can we hope a ServicePack or something who can provide us a Control of our SourceCode for BI project in TFS 2010 ?

    because when u have VS 2010 and TFS 2010 u cant fix ur TFS for 2008 Compatibility or may be Team Explorer can leave with both version 2008 and 2010.

    So we cant do a migration for all of our SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2011 just for have a compatibility with TFS.

    That's a joke ^^

    So i u have any idees plz let me know im very curious about that

  • How much effort did MS put into there vision of ESB ?

    We're migrating to VS2010 to support Biztalk, which requires VS10. The ETL tool for an ESB is still SSIS , so we're literrlay required to install and support both versions to adopt the latest enterprise offerings.

    Ad to that that Biztalk 2010 on Win08R2 also still requires 32 mode Office 2010, and SQL 2005 components and it just appears that MS is pushing beyond their capacity for appropriate planning and release.

    Dissapointed quickly turns to disgusted....

  • Microsoft, what the h*ck where you thinking??? We can now remove Microsoft SSIS and SSRS solutions from our list because this is the last that was heard of it...

  • You can vote for SSIS in VS 2010 here:  

    ((Although personally, higher priorities for me, which are probably even LESS likely:  

    (1) pull-down menus as an alternative interface in Office 2010, and

    (2) modify Office's Excel driver to accept ASCII as well as Unicode, so that SSIS exports to Excel don't require data conversion tasks (which get modified for any layout change).  ))

  • What about allowing Visual Studio 2012 to open SSIS 2010 solutions? This is extremely disappointing!

  • I updated the post to clarify, but note that VS 2010 support was added in the SQL 2012 release.

    I'm not sure what the previous comment means by "SSIS 2010", but we do support SQL 2012 projects in VS 2012 as well.

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