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May, 2011

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A blog about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from a developer on the team.

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    Reading from Active Directory using SSIS

    Fellow MSDN blogger Alex Tcherniakhovski has posted a presentation about retrieving Active Directory data using SSIS. His packages make use of a custom Active Directory Domain Source component which he built and published on his blog. The presentation...
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    Using Knowledge to Cleanse Data with Data Quality Services

    Elad Ziklik presented a great Data Quality Services session at TechEd last week, and it is now available online . The session covers the new DQS product that will appear in the next Denali CTP. He describes how to create a knowledge base and build up...
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    What’s New in “Denali” for SSIS – TechEd 2011

    I presented a “What’s New in Microsoft SQL Server Code-Named Denali for SQL Server Integration Services” talk at TechEd last week, which is now available online . It will show you a sneak peak of what we’ll be delivering in the next CTP of Denali . The...
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    SQLTeach Conference

    I recently moved back to Montreal (my home city), and was excited to find out about the SQLTeach conference happening at the end of May. From the site: SQLTeach is back in Montreal… The last time we held the SQLTeach event in Montreal it was in 2008....
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    Changing the Data Viewer font size

    Did you know you could change the font size in a data viewer grid? If you’re like me and frequently demo SSIS on a big screen (or if you’re just tired of a 8 point font size), this is extremely handy. You can find the setting as a Visual Studio option...
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