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SQL Server OLE DB Deprecation and Integration Services

SQL Server OLE DB Deprecation and Integration Services

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As you may already know, the SQL Native Client OLE DB provider is being deprecated. This doesn't affect other OLE DB providers or the OLE DB API. Also, the SSIS OLE DB components are not being deprecated.

In SQL Server 2012 SSIS, you can continue to use OLE DB connections and will need to for components such as the Lookup transformation and the Slowly Changing Dimension transformation that require OLE DB. In the post-Denali release, you’ll be able to upgrade and continue to operate these packages without needing to do additional work to explicitly remove OLE DB from the packages.

  • Hi

    If OLE DB "SQL Server Native Client" will be removed from next release than what about "Microsoft OLE DB Provide for SQL Server"? It seems there are two and some sources seems to talk only about SQL Server Native Client.

    Do you know if that is the same for the other OLE DB provider for SQL Server?



  • Quick question, If SSIS OLEDB is not deprecated then when we put alert on deprecated OLE DB provider in sql server. Why SSIS OLEDB provider access generate alert. it seem this handling is missing in alert or  deprecated OLEDB provider alert  is of no use

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