Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) for SQL Server 2012 is Now Available

Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) for SQL Server 2012 is Now Available

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The Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) transform has updated and released for SQL Server 2012.

The BDD transform makes it easy to split your data flow up on a buffer-by-buffer basis. The two primary scenarios for it are when you want to do parallel inserts into a destination…


… and when you want to parallel work across multiple paths …


More information can be found on the links below:

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  • It is better than today's approaches, but... with a little more thought, it should have been a container that understands parallelization and executes its steps with different data.

    Say, end of month processing ... the steps are the same for every account/customer, and could be done for each in parallel.

  • How to add balance data distributor in SQL Server Data Tool 2012?

    Post installation, it is not appearing in SSIS tool box. Please suggest.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • download link

  • When I try to run the setup for 2012, I get "The installation is not successful. Check the following prerequisites: 1. Either Intergration Services or SSDT has to be installed. 2. Version of these components has to be Sql Server 2012 (or futire SPs). "

    Anyone having this issue? Resolutions?

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