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  • Blog Post: Capture PRINT messages from a stored procedure

    I recently helped with a customer issue where they had a long running stored procedure which output status messages periodically using PRINT statements. They wanted to capture these statements and output them into the SSIS log. Unfortunately, the Execute SQL Task doesn't support this (it's something...
  • Blog Post: Why can’t I store my BIGINT result in an Int64 variable?

    The native providers (OLEDB, ODBC, ADO – ADO.NET doesn't have this problem) in the Execute SQL Task return the BIGINT type as a String, and not an Int64 as you'd expect. Attempting to store the result in an Int64 variable gives you an error along the lines of: [Execute SQL Task] Error: An error occurred...
  • Blog Post: Stored procedures with output parameters

    When executing Stored Procedures with the Execute SQL Task, SSIS passes the statement to the underlying provider without parsing it. While efficient, the different ways of handling the input between the various providers can be a little frustrating. I was working on a couple of issues found in SP1, and...
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