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  • Blog Post: LEFT Function in SSIS Expressions

    There are a number of small changes to Integration Services in SQL Server Denali that might not be immediately apparent. One of these is the new LEFT function in the SSIS Expression language .   This new function provides a simpler way to get the first part of string expression - prior to Denali...
  • Blog Post: Conditional Constraints

    Here's a more practical example of using constraints based on variables. I have a package that requires an existing database file to be attached to the local SQL Server. The package is synced out to multiple machines from a source control system and run frequently. I don't want to manually setup the...
  • Blog Post: Using Constraints and Expressions

    Besides the regular Success and Failure constraints, you can create precedence constraints that are linked to an expression. In this example, I have a Script Task that determines the course for the workflow. Besides the pass and fail, I also want to handle a third case that will be executed...
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