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  • Blog Post: Transfering a couple of tables at a time

    I missed some of the comments to my post about creating your own Transfer SQL Objects Task with a script task , so I thought I'd post the answer here incase people miss my answer. You can use the ObjectList property of the Transfer object to specify which database objects you want to transfer. To transfer...
  • Blog Post: Roll your own Transfer SQL Server Objects task

    Awhile back we went through a lot of customer feedback logged through the Connect site concerning the Transfer SQL Server Objects task. Some of these turned out to be bugs, but a lot of the reported issues stemmed from usability problems with the task itself. There's actually not that much to the task...
  • Blog Post: DANGER! DropObjectsFirst and CopyAllObjects on the same server

    A post in the forums had me try out what turned to be a dangerous combination of flags in the Transfer SQL Objects task. The user said they were no longer able to access their database after running their package, and I was curious as to why this would be... It turned out to be a logic problem with the...
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