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April, 2008

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    Why does Windows Always Want To Hide Things From Me?

    Over the years, I find more and more of the Windows UI is designed to hide things like where the files are coming from, file extensions, etc... from me. Why is this?  I want to see this stuff.  For example, why can't I get the full path to a...
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    Debugging .NET Code

    Some days I wonder how customers debug .NET code. I've been debugging CLR for many years using a mix of techniques (VS.NET debugger and Windbg and logging of course).  To be honest I hate debugging in VS.NET, the debugger just annoys me to no end...
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    Writing CLR Stored Procedures

    I'm trying to write some CLR sprocs to test out the TDS behavior of CLR sprocs versus T-SQL sprocs for TDS protocol documentation purposes.  If you are not aware, we now have the TDS protocol spec on MSDN for your bedtime reading:  http://msdn2...
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