Tech ED 2006 Boston is now officially over and I find myself back in Seattle for 2 days. This years Tech ED was a great success, I think that the new TLC area worked exceptionally well with the combination of Hands-on Labs, cabanna area and Mocrosoft Pavilion all condensed into a single area to make it easy for everyone to find the information they needed.

I wanted to give a huge thanks to all members of the DataDude team who came to tech ed to help out. The team worked tirelessly at the booth and gave some great presentations, thanks to all of you.

I am now preparing to head out of town again for a couple of weeks but this time it is not work related. By this time next week I will be married and on honeymoon. I will not be blogging during this time but I will be back again On July 6th ready to help drive DataDude to launch at the end of the year.

If you are interested in Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals don't forget to visit the other blogs of the team members listed in the right Nav, make sure to visit the forums if you have questions and the Team Center is now live (http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/teamsystem/dbpro) where you can find additional information and download the Tech ED CTP.