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August, 2007

Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

views on digital marketing, emerging technology and creative genius
  • Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

    Open Source Labs at Microsoft



    I wonder how many people out there know that Microsoft has an open-source development lab? - Makes perfect sense when you think about it!


    Walk away from the vision of a David vs Goliath battle in the software industry or a scene from Star Wars with Open Source Developers being tempted by the evil Emperor offering a choice between Open Office and Microsoft Office 2007 with no monetary restrictions. “I will never join you!!” – woh, hold on to your helicopter hats, maybe that’s a little extreme!


    The picture of reality is far less dramatic, there are no light-sabres or wrinkly old men with lightening flying from his fingertips. Shame. In actual fact, Microsoft has been known to embrace the movement of Open Source and in my view the two extremes of IP and Open Source are edging closer to a common ground of harmonic balance!


    The Microsoft Open Source Website provides an insight into this idea. It shows that there is a need to embrace diverse application development environments to truly create an ecosystem conducive to innovation. This site is not replacing  Port25 the public portal for the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft or Codeplex  the Microsoft open source project hosting web site, instead the Microsoft Open Source Website is seen as a gateway for information about open source engagements and activities across Microsoft.


    Pretty cool actually, have a browse.


    Another piece of info pertinent to this topic is that the next release of Windows Server  is rumoured to be fully compatible with php applications without the need to re-code. LAMP on Windows -  WAMP.

     SQL Server 2008 is looking pretty good too and WASP sounds far cooler J


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    Social Networking whilst Socially Networking


    I attended a friends barbeque at the weekend and during the beer and food fuelled festivities found myself in the company of three people that i did not know so i started to make conversation...


    Me: “So, how do you know Niccy?” (the birthday girl J)

    Response number 1: “Well, Niccy and i grew up together in South Africa. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for near on 15 years. I saw her profile on Friends re-united  and got in touch. Found out we both now live about 2 miles apart!!” – cool

    Response number 2: “Nic and I worked together but lost touch a couple of years ago. We connected a few weeks back on  facebook – cooler

    Response number 3: “yeh, facebook too but we actually got back in touch through  myspace ” – very cool


    The invites for the Party were also distributed through facebook !!


    My learnings...... Social Networking is a huge contributor to globalisation, these people were scattered across the demographic, Niccy spends far too much time on the internet, South Africans do a mean braai !!

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    Voices For Innovation




    The Technology Industry is widely associated with Innovation and change, IT has affected lives across the world and allows people and businesses to innovate to create new and exciting solutions that directly benefit broad society including Governments, Businesses, Communities and Consumers. Innovation allows businesses to grow. To sustain growth, individuals and businesses need to operate in an environment that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.

    External forces such as Policy and regulation impact change, sometimes smaller enterprises and individuals do not have an opportunity to understand or express views of them.

    Voices for innovation   is a Global online community, a collaboration of Professionals, business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.  It is an open community so anyone can join. The idea is that it represents a diverse spectrum of knowledge, experience, opinions and expertise


    VFI aims to make the policy debate open to anyone, its an easy, low commitment platform to introduce people to the debate and the issues surrounding it, there are two main aims:

    ·         Educate and inform

    ·         Provide a vehicle for people to be heard


    Microsoft are supporting Voices for information and encouraging Partners to join. We are trying to encourage a percentage of Partners to become “super activists” meaning they are asked to write letters, actively lobby and encouraged to meet twice annually. Microsoft will be promoting Voices for Innovation with the IAMCP  (International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners) and there is a plan to localise the message.


    An example of where Voices for Innovation can help is the Open XML debate. This is the debate over the standardisation by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) of Microsoft’s Open XML. It  is often referred to as a  battle between two Goliaths: Microsoft versus the IBM/ Open Document Format front. Unfortunately there is often no mention of an essential point: the real benefits that Open XML as an international standard would bring to customers, businesses (particularly small companies) and to innovation overall. Voices for Innovation helps give individuals and small enterprises the whole picture and offers them a vehicle to give their own opinion and lobby to change IT Policy.


    If you want to get involved and be kept up to date on changes that can impact you, your friends, your family and your business then sign up! It is free, anyone can join  . You get out as much as you put in, you can choose to simply receive updates and newsletters or you can attend events, raise your profile, get references to your business and make a difference!

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    Windows Live Apps


    At the world Wide Partner Conference in Denver this year Microsoft announced two complete applications built using a range of Windows Live technologies that will have the source code available so that developers and partners can build their own applications based on the code. Some of the Windows Live services used in the applications are still in beta or alpha. So this is cutting edge stuff but also means that some of the features can’t be used in production yet, also be aware that these applications will evolve and be improved over time, and we’ll continue to add more applications covering different scenarios


    Software + Services was the key theme of Steve Ballmer keynote speech at the World Wide Partner Conference 2007 in Denver  and "Windows Live Quick Apps" was announced in that same keynote. "Windows Live Quick Apps" will be featured in the “Windows Live Partner Guide” and the applications have been developed here in the UK by AWS  and Conchango  with support / sponsorship from UK DPE Live team and Microsoft Corp Windows Live Platform team for worldwide use. The applications are terrific examples of what can be achieved with Windows Live. The idea is that they will not only inspire developers by showing them what can be done, but will also give them the tools (the source code) to continue to develop them further


    Have a look at a couple of Demonstration sites...

    ·         “Social” Windows Live Quick Apps “Contoso Bike Club”:

    ·         “Education” Windows Live Quick Apps “Contoso University”:


    For more information....

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    Windows Virtualisation Site


    It's been a while coming, but now that it's here, add this to your favourites!; This is your new one-stop shop for all things Microsoft virtualisation, whether it's how you manage it, with System Center, to the virtualisation platform itself, its all there, and it's all for you.

    Other cool stuff includes:

    SoftGrid guided tour

    The promise of virtualisation

    Virtualisation resources

    Definitely worth checking out  - Enjoy! :-)


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