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October, 2007

Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

views on digital marketing, emerging technology and creative genius
  • Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

    HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards 2007



    Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the HSBC Start-up Stars Awards 2007   at the Dorchester Hotel   in London.

    An absolutely fantastically run black tie event with a champagne reception followed by dinner and then an awards ceremony.

    The whole evening was really about some of the amazingly ambitious and so far successful companies the HSBC have backed.

    The evening was kicked off by comedian Ed Byrne   who i have to say looked nothing like the Bio picture in the program which must have been taken about 5 haircuts ago, but was very funny none the less.

    The rest of the evening was hosted by Emma Crosby   (Sky News Presenter) and Michael Wilson   (Sky News Business Editor) and was split into two categories – National Finalists for the Start-up Stars Award and Finalists for the Green Award. Finalists were as follows...


    Green Award Finalists ...

    ·         SIP Build  

    ·         Red Engineering Design  

    ·         So Organic

    Start-up Stars Award  Finalists...

    ·         MOMA Foods  

    ·         Blue i UK  

    ·         S.A Utilities  

    ·         Catering Academy  

    ·         Concert Live  

    ·         Igloo Thermo-Logistics  

    ·         SportStars

    ·         Simply Coffee  

    ·         So Organic  

    ·         Rackety’s


    Highlights of the nominations for me were Derek Browne (one of the Judges) commenting on how “entrepreneurship is alive in the UK” – very true! And Duncan Bannatyne   and  Richard Farleigh  introducing Igloo Thermo-Logistics   who they invested £160k    in through the TV show Dragons Den . there was also a link to Concert Live   who they judged on Dragons Den to “have no business”. Top tip of the day came from Gavin Wheeldon, last years winner (Applied Language Solutions ), who very wisely advised the winners this year that the Roadhouse is open til 3am! – a real pearl J

    The winners were announced by Huw Morgan (Head of Business Banking for HSBC)......

    Winner of the HSBC Start-UP Stars Green Award  2007:

    ·         Red Engineering Design  

    Runner Up of the HSBC Start-Up Stars 2007

    ·         Blue i UK  

    Winner of the HSBC Start-Up Stars 2007

    ·         Concert Live  


    What an awesome acceptance speech, i have never seen so many fist pumps amidst screams of “I told you Duncan!!” “Wrong decision Mr Balantyne!”


    Well done Concert Live, pretty awesome solution and a nice touch pledging the £25000 prize money to the staff. By the way, if you don’t have a Partnership with Microsoft, get in touch J.........

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    Acquire to Aspire....


    Steve Ballmer discussed Microsoft’s acquisition plans at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco this week. The sound bite was “Microsoft will acquire 20 companies a year for the next several years”. This is true. In fact, we have been acquiring 20 companies a year for the past several years. This was news to some and has been widely reported in the press this week.


    We are acquiring companies in many different market segments. To give you a flavour for the kinds of companies we have been acquiring here is a list of the 13 companies acquired so far this year:


    · October 2007 - Online discount shopping site.

    ·         Parlano August 2007 - maker of MindAlign - enterprise group chat

    ·         AdEcn July 2007 - Advertising Exchange Platform

    ·         Stratature June 2007 - Unified Master Data Management Solution

    ·         Dundas June 2007 - Charting controls for SQL Server

    ·         Engyro June 2007 - Interoperability software for Systems Center

    ·         aQuantive, Inc May 2007 - Advertising network and agency

    ·         SoftArtisans OfficeWriter May 2007 -Reporting authoring in Microsoft Office. People and technology acquisition, but not the whole company. 

    ·         ScreenTonic SA, May 2007 - Mobile advertising solutions

    ·         devBiz Business Solutions, March 2007 Web interface for Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    ·         Tellme Networks, Inc., March 2007 - Voice recognition, IVR services

    ·         Medstory, Inc, February 2007 - Health care search technology

    ·         Secured Dimensions, January 2007 - Secured Software Provisioning

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    MS Learning Paths


    Just came across this really useful resource.... 

    This is a one stop shop for training and resources on Microsoft products and solutions. There are Sales and Technical streams including Microsoft Office Live, Office Business Applications, Performance Point Server and Licensing - yawn }:-0


    have a look for yourself......

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    A Great Business Idea + The Right Accounting Software = Success


    Most people have probably heard of this product by now, previously known as Small Business Accounting. It is released in the US and is due to be released in the UK towards the end of 2007. Office Accounting Professional 2007 has some very clever features aimed at helping you run a small business, some of those features include....

    ·         Upgrade Company Data Wizard

    ·         Online Sales integration

    ·         Use Credit Profile service

    ·         Microsoft Office Live integration

    ·         Accept new payment types

    ·         Accountant Transfer Export Wizard

    ·         Accountant View

    ·         Data import

    ·         Journal entry

    ·         Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 with Business Contact Manager

    ·         Combine Microsoft Point of Sale

    ·         Forms customization

    ·         Use customizable security roles

    ·         Microsoft Office integration

    ·         Achieve faster database performance


    One of my favorite features is the way that it integrates with PayPal allowing you to sell on sites like ebay really easily. The office integration is also great with a very familiar user interface linking  Word,  Excel and Outlook.


    If nothing else this is a really cool site! So go have a play!!!   


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