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October, 2008

Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

views on digital marketing, emerging technology and creative genius
  • Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

    Silverlight 2 tools


    Scott Guthrie has just announced some new tools that have been released for Silverlight 2 at PDC. So go now and get the official RTW of Silverlight Tools.

    you can view the keynote from PDC here....Keynote

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    Silverlight 2 Training - come and get it!


    Pleased to announce some subsidised training on Silverlight 2 from our friends at Xpertise


    Xpertise do some great training on Silverlight 2.0 (with Expression Studio and Visual Studio). They have a course in December which has a special discount offer available for delegates. The course covers:

    • Describe the key features of Silverlight 2.
    • Describe the people, tools, and tool workflow associated with creating Silverlight experiences.
    • Create and manipulate images by using Expression Design.
    • Create Expression Blend projects.
    • Assemble and build a rich user interface by using Expression Blend.
    • Develop and customize media by using Expression Encoder.
    • Hand off design projects and graphical assets to developers.
    • Develop basic code in a Silverlight project.
    • Enhance the user experience by using keyboard interactivity, text effects, and ink.
    • Develop advanced animation effects.
    • Develop advanced media effects.
    • Publish a Silverlight application.
    • Customize the built in controls
    • Create custom User Controls
    • Create DeepZoom Silverlight Experiences


    “Microsoft Expression Tools and Techniques for designing User Interfaces with Microsoft Silverlight 2” Course RRP = £1,400 (4 days)

    o 1st delegate @ 20% discount = £1,120 for the delegate course place

    o 2nd delegate booked on the same course from the same partner/organisation @ 30% discount applied to both bookings = £980 per delegate course place

    Please contact or dial 0845 757 3888 to make your course booking

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    The wait is over, PDC starts today....



    So, PDC starts today in LA at 8:30 am Pacific time-zone

    It's going to be great event, with some big announcements. i think we will see a lot of the different jigsaw pieces slot together to show an amazing array of opportunities for Microsoft Partners and a vast amount of choice for Customers and Consumers.



    If you are lucky enough to be there make sure that you keep the rest of us up to speed by participating in the social scene (Communities that is - we don't want to know about the fun you'll be having in LA - we are jealous enough already!) and don't forget to download your copy of the full session list. Take a look at the 14-page document here.


    9guy_blogbling_240X320 For those of you who aren't living large in LA. Make sure you catch all the sessions online. Bookmark and at the very least make sure you watch Ray Ozzie in the opening Keynote

    In fact, watch all the keynotes!....

      • Monday, October 27 8:30am - 10:30am Keynote – Ray Ozzie, Amitabh Srivastava, Bob Muglia and David Thompson
      • Tuesday, October 28 8:30am - 10:30am Keynote - Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie and David Treadwell
      • Tuesday, October 28 11:00am - 12:30pm Keynote - Chris Anderson and Don Box
      • Wednesday, October 29 8:30am - 10:00am Keynote - Rick Rashid

    And be sure to find all the sessions that you want to view from the session planner.... 

    uj thumbnail Anyone in the UK?

    follow this link  at 3:30pm TODAY!

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    MIX09 - Registrations open!


    mix09 It seems like yesterday that i was sat in the lovely Venetian hotel in Las Vegas listening to some great banter between Guy Kawasaki and Steve Ballmer and being wowed by the possibilities of Silverlight 2. Now, hot on the heels of Silverlight 2 RTW we have announced that the registration process has opened for Mix 09!

    Looks like it is going to be as awesome as ever!

    for more info and to register click here

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    Silverlight UK Usergroup...


    The fourth Silverlight UK User Group will be hosted on Wednesday 5th November at Cardinal Place (Microsoft's London office) and looks set to be a good one!

    Click here for the full agenda, we are lucky enough to have Tricky who will be giving a Silverlight design level talk and John Penrose from Graphico who will be talking about a recent Silverlight project and a few other insightful topics.

    This event is being run in conjunction with Conchango and you can get additional info from Michelle Flynn's blog

    If you would like to come the list is now open so mail


    One More time in a really simple format....

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