So, this isn’t breaking news but blogworthy none the less.

One thing that frustrates me about working for Microsoft is that in some situations people are very quick to criticise some of our choices when they match the very blinkered view they have of the business. The Mojave experiment could be one of those situations.

Can anyone remember the headlines and fuss that was made when Microsoft launched the Mojave experiment website? the site was built around an experiment to show how people were listening to hearsay and unjustified news stories on how negative the Windows Vista experience was. when presented with an opportunity to experience Vista for themselves (guised as a new operating system branded ‘Mojave’) their reaction was completely the opposite and they were amazed by all the new features. I blogged it here at the time. Unfortunately the only response that Microsoft got for this clever campaign was that it was built using Flash instead of Silverlight!!

well, guess what? the site has been re-skinned using Silverlight and it looks ten times better that the original. it uses a very clever combination of deepzoom and Silverlight streaming video to display videos in a ‘cloud’ – very cool! go take a look……Mojave experiment 

perhaps this was just a clever plan to show how much more you can achieve with Silverlight opposed to Flash!!