Bing is Microsoft’s latest iteration of our search engine and if initial feedback from the media is anything to go by, it looks like we have caused a bit of a stir. I won’t bore you with quotes (you will see these for yourself) but thought i’d highlight a few cool things about Bing….

Here are three of the great features that customers are seeing in the UK from yesterday:

1. New Image Homepage – we’re using stunning high definition photography that differentiate us from the blank white page (and we will soon be displaying iconic British images)

2. Best Match – the feature presents results for popular searches intuitively and this saves you clicks and gets you to your answer quicker

3. Ciao! Shopping Integration – we’re offering you the opportunity to shop directly from Bing using Ciao! product comparisons and user reviews (Ciao! is the shopping network Microsoft acquired in October -- read more about Ciao! here)

You can find Bing at so set your default search engine to Bing * and give it a try!

You can also go to to see the best of Bing in the UK.

*Set your default search engine to Bing – (At the top right hand corner of your IE browser window, go to Find More Providers, choose Bing, and then set Bing as your default)