I attended Adtech last week in London and rather than give a blow by blow account of the day, I thought I would share some salient points that I picked up from the sessions that I attended…

Adtech is a conference aimed at Digital Marketers and Advertising Agencies and features sessions by Brands, solution providers and industry experts, key sponsors this year were Sitecore (yawn Smile), Infosys, Casale Media, AdMarketplace.com, Matomy and White Label Dating.

Nuggets of info…

  • Content is king and your digital strategy should be focused around your content strategy
  • Amazing content is not enough, it needs to be ‘remarkable’ – ie. People want to comment/talk about it
  • 75% of companies know that their customers are Social, only 10% of companies are actually doing something about it
  • 22% of internet time is social
  • People are going to a brands site less and less but they still want to access the content – need an open and extensible platform, surface content through webparts to Facebook, ad banners, etc
  • Social media is all about affecting business in real-time
  • Digital Marketing is not about changing how we communicate but about changing how we do business
  • There are 3 trends predicted within Social
    • 1. SOCO – SocialCommerce
      • Think Facebook stores
      • Think integration of Facebook/Twitter into ecommerce sites
    • 2. SOCAL – Social Local
      • Location based social, think Groupon plus Foursquare or Google Latitude
    • 3. SOGA – Social Gaming
      • Angry Birds gamers clock up 175 years of game time every day
      • The key to harnessing gamification is ‘Light Progression’ – offering rewards for participation

A great case study to put a lot of this into context is Dominos Pizza who partnered with RGA in the US to ‘re-invent’ their brand in under 3 months using the power of social.

Take a look at the campaign here:

They Crowd-sourced ideas and listened to their consumers, Created the dominos tracker that allows you to see who is making your Pizza, track it minute by minute through being created, cooked and delivered and then rate your Pizza once it arrives, this is then shared back to the person that made it! Dominos have seen a 30% rise in net new sales, 65% increase in return business and a 14.3% increase in in-store sales.