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March, 2004

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    About Me

    My name is Matt Warren. I am a software achitect at Microsoft on the C# programming language product team. I'm currently working on a top-secret, hush-hush project that will make all my previous top-secret hush-huhs projects seem like child's play...
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    ObjectSpaces: What's the big idea?

    Should your data become objects or your objects become data? That’s the debate. If you build apps focused around objects and just want those suckers persisted then you want your objects to become data. If you’ve got a database and you are...
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    Into the Breach

    It happened today; to me. It happens a few times a year, so you learn to expect it. You know its coming but you put it out of your mind until it just sort of shows up. I used to dread it, knowing, wondering what it would mean. Today, I kind of knew what...
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    Signs of Life on Mars

    A few days ago the mars rover 'Opportunity' made a startling discovery on the surface of Mars. The rover had landed in a shallow basin of a small meteor crater. Not to be stymied by this mishap, the scientists at NASA decided to proceed with a full scale...
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    Spammed to death

    I like most people that use the internet detest spam. I hate it. I want it to go away. And that's just the meat product. Email spam, now that's just plain criminal. There's just no innocent motive behind that one. Spammers try to make a quick buck by...
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    Wrong Again

    Okay, they’ve got it all wrong! I’ve spent considerable amount of time over the last few weeks researching different products that might be able to solve the audio problem. What I want is a system that will play my digital music files...
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