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March, 2004

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    Real coders, real code.

    It's late, do you know where your coder is? Really, it's a very good question. You think your spouse is sleeping next to you at night. They are not. They are awake, bleary, weary and barely lucid, secretly feeding their addiction. Yes, it is sad and...
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    Programming in the Blue

    It amazes me how difficult it is to design new features to a programming language. Once a language is baked in its original form it’s almost impossible to add new semantics let alone syntax rules. Operators are hellish. You want to invent new ones...
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    SQL: Mutually Assured Destruction

    I have been playing around with SQL lately, trying to get it to sit and roll over. Sure, I’m familiar with all the normal paradigms; all the usual crud. I can select with the best of them, slicing and dicing data with the efficiency of a ginsu knife...
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    ObjectSpaces: Spanning the Matrix

    I guess this is turning out as a series of ObjectSpaces posts. I did the first one a few weeks back covering the origin of OPath in “ The Power of the Dot ,” and followed that with “ What’s the Big Idea .” Now I have a few...
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    ObjectSpaces: What's the big idea?

    Should your data become objects or your objects become data? That’s the debate. If you build apps focused around objects and just want those suckers persisted then you want your objects to become data. If you’ve got a database and you are...
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    Wrong Again

    Okay, they’ve got it all wrong! I’ve spent considerable amount of time over the last few weeks researching different products that might be able to solve the audio problem. What I want is a system that will play my digital music files...
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    Thought Co-Processors

    “What are you thinking?” The words are pitched into the air, like a balloon from a comic strip that lingers as I stand frozen. Betsy is speaking. She has been telling me something and I have been listening, but I must seem distant, distraught...
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    Asteroid on collision course

    Anyone can see it now with a pair of good binoculars. The asteroid known as 2004 FH has passed within the orbit of the moon. Scientists are skeptical that it will actually impact either the earth or the moon, but after considerable observation they know...
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    XML: Getting dirty with BMX

    Years ago there was a time when I thought XML was evil. That was back when the whole idea was pretty new to my ears. The only introduction I’d had to it was a few examples being shown around by Adam Bosworth when he’d come to our group and...
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    Where's the Beef?

    I was dreaming about computer games again. I was not asleep at the time, but that’s no matter because my thoughts were about as far from reality that computer game makers will ever dare to tread. I’ve asked around to some of my mmorpg playing...
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