I'm a Microsoft guy, so reading news about the spread of Linux is often times disheartening. It's not so much the success of the operating system, its just that it feels like you're not in the clique if your not loading up linux on a half dozen PC's that would have otherwise been headed for the trash bin.  Linux advocates will go to no end to find new and interesting ways to position the OS, installing it on anything with a microprocessor. 

 “Hey have you seen my new watch, its running Linux!” 

“Check out this credit card.  You can't see it or interact with it, but it's running Gnome on top of SuSe Linux.”

It reminds me of the good ol' days.   “Hey, have you seen my disk-drive?  It's got its own CPU.  It's running CP/M man!”

So, when I found this article about how Linux has finally breached into the final frontier of platforms, I just had to tell you all about it.  This might just be the one that gets me to download a copy of the free source.

But I digress