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May, 2004

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    Field of Dreams

    All my really good post ideas come from dreams I had the morning before writing them. Dreams are funny beasts. Someone told me long ago that dreams are just the side effect of your brain analyzing events from the days before, and it’s the emotions...
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    The Ultimate Service

    It seems like every workday starts out pretty much the same as every other workday. The alarm goes off. I get out of bed. I stumble into the shower. My mind fogs over as quickly as the mirrors. And then, somehow, I arrive at work. Every Day! Now I don...
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    The most popular topic in the blogosphere

    Sometimes, when I'm not too busy working, eating, sleeping, playing, and cutting my toenails, I take a few moments to read what's on the web. Some of it is directed at my favorite news sites, some of it at bloggers I know and some of it at random stuff...
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    Insecurity Training

    I spent most of the day yesterday in a conference room with about a thousand other co-workers of mine. I know them all personally. You should have seen the size of the table! But seriously, it was a mandatory training session for the likes of us unruly...
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    Quaking in my boots

    first half of 10.5 last night. I'm not going to start ranting over how much they got 'technically wrong.' The only reason I watched the thing was to see what they got wrong. I did not even know anything about the show, or even that is was being aired...
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