first half of 10.5 last night.  I'm not going to start ranting over how much they got 'technically wrong.'  The only reason I watched the thing was to see what they got wrong.  I did not even know anything about the show, or even that is was being aired.  (Remember tivo, no commercials, I never know when anything is on any of the standard networks unless I really really need to know.)  Anyway, we did hear a lot of second (third-and fourth hand) hubbub over flaws in the production, storyline, plot, you name it.  So I recorded it!  For you marketters out there, word-of-mouth is the great new medium!  Any publicity is good publicity, and all that crud.  Anyway, it suckered me in! 

To tell you the truth, I didn't mind any of the 'flaws' one bit.  It's a fictional story for goodness sake!  Actions are designed to move the plot forward, not to recreate the chaos of a real disaster. 

However, there was that one thing.  That openning crevase 'chasing' the train.  That was pretty silly. Instead of suspense, it made me giggle like a school girl.  AND then as soon as the train falls in, it stops! 

I have to admit, at least it was 1000% better than that dragon movie!