Sometimes, when I'm not too busy working, eating, sleeping, playing, and cutting my toenails, I take a few moments to read what's on the web.  Some of it is directed at my favorite news sites, some of it at bloggers I know and some of it at random stuff I pull up off of google and its ilk.  Invariably, I end up on someone's blog site reading their opinions on a variety of topics.  However, I've noticed, over my vast history of blog awareness, there is one topic that shines above all others, that is hotly debated (or it would seem so) by the voracious bloggers out there in the void.  That topic is blogging itself, or the most important holy grail:  RSS vs any comer.

Please stop it.  I'm sickened by it already.  I don't need to hear about it anymore.  I don't want to know.  I don't want to debate.  I don't need to hear the technically drab details about the formal underpinnings of my posts, whether the whole world agrees on one format or protocol or schema.  Blech!  That's like having everyone that uses post-it notes drone on endlessly about the merits about their favorite form of the sticky-glue.

Anyway, Ignore me if you will.  Tell me I'm free to not read those posts and those bloggers.  All true. 

Back to your own business.  Blog on!