We are gathered here today to give our final respects to good bit of OOP that has now been taken on a different path through life and the beyond.  Like its father before it, and its father, and so on, ad nauseum,  the little OR map that could, young Cheops was consumed by the ferocity of the inferno, the volcanic tides that beat against the shores of its island of wholesome goodness trapped within the insufferable oceans of the maw of the beast.  It was a well loved little chap, surrounded by friends on all sides, and it had plans for great things, to travel abroad and to put its talents to good use, to work side-by-side with others of equal regard, to build a cathedral of hope, an icon of purity standing alone in this dismal gray world of unyielding drudgery and servitude.


But let us not shed a tear for the fate of a one so young, because it has found a new peace in the afterlife.  We must learn what we can from the lessons it has taught us, so that one day we will be ready to accept the teachings of others who come to us with new visions of hope and plans to achieve even greater deeds, to build upon all the goodness that once was and will be again. 


The spirit of Cheops will rise!