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June, 2004

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    Solitude - Part VI

    Read Parts I , II , III , IV , V It stood in the center where most of the clutter had been cleared away. It was tall, eight foot or more. Its black hair, bristled and frayed, ran from its scalp down its back and grew thickly around its thighs. Its...
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    Solitude - Part V

    Read Parts I , II , III , IV The passage beyond led a short distance to a narrow set of steps rising upward. Light streaked in sparingly from some point higher up where the stairs took a sharp twist to the right. The air stank of molded cheese....
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    Farm Fun Fantastic

    I had the chance to visit Remlinger Farms today. It is a working berry farm turned into a park used for office picnics and such; somewhat like a mini version of Knotts Berry Farm, but with only teeny rides for toddlers. This was the year end picnic for...
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    Programming in the Void

    We think we know what it is we are capable of as programmers. We think we understand the processes we go through, individually, about how we think about software, how we solve programming problems, how we juggle the concepts and variables of a piece of...
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    Source Code Affirmations

    Programmers stare at stubborn code bases all day long. They work within the nuts and bolts of rigid logic, a world where everything is either exactly true or exactly false, or at least some quantized exact measurement. Its a harsh world that we live in...
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    Stump the Chump

    This is your chance to ask me incredibly hard to answer questions. Try to stump me. Every question will be answered. I will compile them into a Q/A format and post them at some time in the future. Sample questions: “Why does nose hair grow...
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    Solitude - Part IV

    Read Parts I , II , III Amana’s face sagged as she looked up at him. “Where are we?” Oetho had not given it a thought until then. “In my old chambers, I’m sure.” He looked around. Light streaked in through...
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    Feeling the Love

    I think I've been spoiled these last so many years. It's gotten to the point where I cannot program without it. I've tried to do it, on my own, for different projects, on the weekend, late at night, but I find that its just not the same. I actually need...
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    Solitude - Part III

    Read Part I - Read Part II “I had not given up everything,” Oetho said, “and my mind does not easily forget all that I have learned.” He placed the disk into Amana’s palm. “You married a Mystic, my love. My powers...
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    Solitude - Part II

    Click here to read Part I Part II Amana pursed her lips. “If not you, then Juxin,” she spat. “Damn, him! What has he done? What have you helped him to do?” Her fingers clawed at his forearms, and her legs buckled in...
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