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June, 2004

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    Solitude - Part I

    Oetho rushed out the doorway at the base of the stone tower. His gray hair whipped in the wind and his black cassock snapped. He held his arm up to shield his face, but the wind still bit at his eyes and ears. Wincing, he forced his way across the small...
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    Behind the Curve

    I can't stand being behind the curve, physically, mentally, emotionally, at work and at play. But here I sit, at Microsoft main campus, Redmond WA, far on the other side of the US. If I were in NY I'd be three hours ahead right now. I can't stand it that...
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    Stuck in the Slow Lane

    Been writing in C++ lately. Man, I feel disconnected, alone, naked. So many pointers, deref'ing, addresses, pseudo-maniacal linked lists all over the place. Where's ArrayList when you need it, or managed arrays. I want my managed code back. Please, give...
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    Enumerating Enums

    Why can't you enumerate Enums? You'd think you could, given the name! What would it look like? enum X { A, B, C, D } foreach( X x in X ) { ... } Okay, that won't fly because X is a type not an instance. How about: foreach( X x in X.GetValues...
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    Programming without Types

    Warning, actual serious content. This is not a joke. Repeat, this is not a joke. I don't want to get rid of types. I just don't want to have to explicitly say them all the time. I want more type inference in the language. Again, this is not some lead...
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    Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    Writing lots of posts of day is very exhausting. To be able to do it, you've got to practice a lot, exercising your fingers and your mind. Those that only post once a week or so never get to this point. They can slog out whatever they want at whatever...
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    Flavor Free Cola

    Cola must not be a flavor anymore. It was at one time, long ago. Now, there's cherry, vanilla, lemon and lime all added in, separate products, separate tastes. I cannot image any other explanation other than the flavor of cola has become so ubiquitous...
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    TabletPC Addiction

    It was obvious to most users of the current TabletPC that something had to change. The ones out there now are nothing more than regular old laptops with a swivel on the monitor. They are still bulky and heavy, everything a tablet should not be. So the...
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    The Pony Express

    Did you ever stop to wonder just how much time I spend writing these posts? I mean, what kind of developer has enough time in the day to not only write all the code, fix bugs, drink soda, read email, surf the web and write blog posts? Is there something...
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    Xen: SQL in the mainstream

    The X#/Xen (newly renamed c-omega) programming language has built in facilities to query data structures and databases. I had the pleasure to work on that project, implementing all the query features. The XML query features looked a bit like OPath from...
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