I can't stand being behind the curve, physically, mentally, emotionally, at work and at play.  But here I sit, at Microsoft main campus, Redmond WA, far on the other side of the US.  If I were in NY I'd be three hours ahead right now.  I can't stand it that those guys and gals have three hours on me!  They're probably already home, eating dinner, while I still have to work.  They've already had time to finish their work for the day, had time to wrap it up, close it down, contemplate all there is to know, while I'm still trying to make through my daily grind.  And you know what, they're going to be three hours ahead tomorrow too!

If that's not bad enough, those guys across the Atlantic, they are really ahead of me.  They're practically through with it all before I even wake up!  While I'm off dreaming of who-knows-what, they are busy, busy, busy. 

I suggest we move campus to just left of the international date line.  That way, we at Microsoft would always be ahead of the curve.  If that's too costly, what about just buying the date line and moving it here.  I mean, its only 'virtual' anyway.  How much could it cost?   We've got billions. 

Seriously, its a drag always being so late to everything.  But don't feel sorry for me, feel sorrow for those poor schmucks in Hawaii.  There are really behind the curve.