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August, 2004

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    Hurricane Charlie

    To think, there was a time in the past when my home was actually a place of solitude, a veritable utopia of serenity. I would travel home from work and find nothing but peace, pleasurable silence and often a warm welcome. Then things changed, not too...
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    The Dog Days of Summer

    Its been difficult to find those few private moments where I can pull out the laptop and commence coding. I've been feeling the itch too often. I need to compile. Yet the weather has not complied with my wishes. The rain still pours down from above, ideal...
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    And there was Rain

    It was a long and grueling day. It started late and ended late, and it was long and excruciating in between. We knew it going in the night before, we weren't packed, but at least everything else was done and ready for us to be gone for the week. Except...
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    Less than Express

    I'm heading out today on vacation for the week, far away from all things digital, miles and miles away from anything with a functioning central processing until, no cell phone coverage, no bandwidth, just blue skies, mountains, tall green trees and the...
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    Travelling on Business

    I suppose you are wondering why the posts have been coming more infrequent, put up at irregulars hours, especially after that burst of activity in June. I suppose you are thinking that I'm losing my touch, or I just don't care as much as I once did. I...
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    Hacking the Planet

    Since the Hubble Space Telescope was having so many problems recently, I decided it was my duty to take up some of the slack. So I got the scope out last night, plugged in the GPS unit and flipped the switch. The telescope automatically aligns itself...
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    The Anti-Hoax

    I saw this article on blog hoaxes ; fake sites where writers pretend to be someone else, a celebrity or fictional character. Many readers can't tell the difference, wanting to believe that blogger is as claimed. It made me start thinking about this Wayward...
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