Do you every get that queasy, uneasy feeling when you are sitting at your desk, two monitors up, three terminal server sessions, four IDE's pumping, two in debug, one open on the laptop, that you've simply gone beyond the current understanding of software development.  You start to wonder how to keep it all straight, which machine is in the midst of editing which file?  Building parts of the software in one place, shipping it over to another machine with a file copy and running it against pieces built somewhere else, just because you can't do it all in one place?

Do you ever start to chuckle when someone on your 'team' starts to flap their gums about team development practices, source control, inane group dynamic methodologies dreamt up by some university wonk in a last ditch effort to pump out a thesis?  Because you know that nothing of magnitude gets done anymore without a team, but coordinating amongst others is the easy part.  It's the chaos on your own desktop that keeps you up at night.