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Oh, what a tangled web

July, 2005

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    XML Generics

    Designing a programming language is like inventing a metaphor for thought. Most of the time you struggle to find just the right metaphor, hoping the one you eventually choose will be the best at communicating the idea it is meant to represent. So you...
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    N-Tier development with C# 4.0

    Now that the PDC announcement has been made revealing sessions covering the new C# 3.0 features causing speculation to run rampant, I figured it was time to go ahead and start outlining features of the next product. No reason to be stay focused on the...
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    Down to Earth

    Virtual Earth is coming. I kept hearing about it, but was not sure quite what to make of it. You will get to see it on Monday, when it debuts. I got to see a sneak preview internally a few weeks ago. It’s sort of like the NASA World Wind project, except...
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