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September, 2005

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    LINQ, BB’s and the HTTP’ness

    The Language Integrated Query (LINQ) demo during the PDC demo was exciting. There was applause all around whenever different products were shown and different speakers were introduced, yet when the LINQ demo was shown there was a lot of talk within the...
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    What the World is saying about LINQ

    “LINQ is totally awesome. It’s like this thing that you use to condense your entire application into one line of demo code. Sweet!” - Stanley Morgan “LINQ is divine but DLINQ is a delinquent. It gives programmers too much power and makes programming...
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    ObjectSpaces:There and Back Again

    It seems fitting to make one last tribute to ObjectSpaces on the eve of the PDC. Last time around Luca was good enough to break the news to everyone, that ObjectSpaces was undergoing realignment with WinFS. That it was being pulled out of Whidbey and...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    LINQ Designer Receives Prestigious Award at PDC

    In the wake and fanfare of the disclosure of the LINQ technology preview at the PDC 2005 in Los Angeles this last week, a member of the LINQ design team was presented with a prestigious award for outstanding achievement above and beyond his peers. Erik...
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