A few days ago a link to one of my posts was placed on Reddit, a site like Slashdot that is dedicated to reviewing other peoples articles. Instead there was no 'review' as such. Just a bunch of flames back and forth over whether the link was to be considered SPAM or not. Apparently, because the Wayward Weblog is on MSDN, the post was thought to be just a product placement for Microsoft. I am left to only chuckle at the inanity of it all. Wayward == Marketting?  Uh. Sure.

Eventually, the link was removed as I guess they finally concluded my post was indeed SPAM and was not worthy of any discussion at all. But then again, this is Reddit, where there crowd is still trying to get over the stigma of not being Slashdot. 

I read Slashdot? Sometimes. It's one of the only places I can find out what's going on at Microsoft. They spend some much time bashing MS, at least half the articles are in some way related. So they end up doing the dirty work of finding the Microsoft related articles on the web for me. It's like the ultimate web search engine for Microsoft related stuff. You just have to ignore most of the fuming resentment and then its all cake.