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July, 2007

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    LINQ: Building an IQueryable Provider - Part II

    Now, that I’ve laid the groundwork defining a reusable version of IQueryable and IQueryProvider, namely Query and QueryProvider, I’m going to build a provider that actually does something. As I said before, what a query provider really does is execute a little bit of ‘code’ defined as an expression tree instead of actual IL. Of course, it does not actually have to execute it in the traditional sense. For example, LINQ to SQL translates the query expression into SQL and sends it to the server to execute it. ...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    LINQ: Building an IQueryable Provider - Part I

    I’ve been meaning for a while to start up a series of posts that covers building LINQ providers using IQueryable. People have been asking me advice on doing this for quite some time now, whether through internal Microsoft email or questions on the forums or by cracking the encryption and mailing me directly. Of course, I’ve mostly replied with “I’m working on a sample that will show you everything” letting them know that soon all will be revealed. However, instead of just posting a full sample here I felt it prudent to go step by step so I can actual dive deep and explain everything that is going on instead of just dumping it all in your lap and letting you find your own way. ...
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    LINQ to SQL: Rico drops the other shoe

    Rico has finally posted some numbers that show you the performance he's seeing with Beta 2 bits. ...
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