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    LINQ to SQL: Ignorance is Bliss

    Ian Cooper has written a great article talking about LINQ to SQL and persistence ignorance, and his successes using TDD with projects using LINQ to SQL. I don't normally link to someone else's post. Especially with such a great title. But what-the...
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    Luca Spaces Out

    Luca has a blog post that says some kind words about me in regards to our work together on ObjectSpaces. Really Luca, you don't need to convince me of business needs to get me to do your bidding, you just need to convince me it was my idea.
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    LINQ to SQL: The Mapping Engine

    The primary purpose of any ORM system is to map relational data onto objects in your programming environment. Mapping here refers to the meaning in the mathematical sense that there is a correspondence from one item to the other. For example, a database row might map to an object, or a field in a database might map to a property. Some mappings are simple, like the ones I’ve already mentioned; others are more complex such as parts of multiple rows combining to form a single object. ...
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    Reddit Randomnes and Wayward SPAM

    I am left to only chuckle at the inanity of it all. Wayward == Marketting? Uh. Sure. ...
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    Rotten to the Multi-Core

    Everyone’s trying to figure out the next big software gimmick that’s going to make utilizing your multi-core machines super easy. Let’s face it, having to write code with locks and threads is not going to be it. We’ve had that capability for a long time and only the cream of the crop developers even dared to tread there, and even fewer were actually capable of getting it right. The average programmer, including me on most days when I’m not hyper caffeinated, need a better mouse trap to make writing and executing code in parallel an everyday task. ...
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    Agile at Microsoft

    I wasn’t always a proponent of Agile development practices. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what they were. Before I came to Microsoft I used to just do what I was told and simply worked the way everyone else worked....
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    IQueryable’s Deep Dark Secret

    I love the IQueryable interface, but it’s got a dark checkered past that most of you might not know about. IQueryable is a great way to expose your API or domain model for querying or provide a specialized query processor that can be used directly by LINQ. It defines the pattern for you to gather-up a user’s query and present it to your processing engine as a single expression tree that you can either transform or interpret. It’s the way LINQ becomes ‘integrated’ for many LINQ to XXX products. Yet it was not supposed to be that way; with all that ease of use, plugging automatically into LINQ with an abundance of pre-written query operators at your disposal. You were not supposed to use it for your own ends. It was not meant for you at all. ...
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    The Origin of LINQ to SQL

    LINQ to SQL, possibly Microsoft’s first OR/M to actually ship in ten years of trying, was never even supposed to exist. ...
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    Code Hurts

    I use email a lot. I seem to be sending questions or replies to my co-workers constantly throughout the day, so you’d think I’d be very good at it. Yet even with all my years of experience communicating through this high-tech medium I still find it difficult to get an idea across without inadvertently sending the wrong message. You’ve seen it yourself, of course. Probably more so on online forums or chats where it’s easy to be misunderstood; people flaming each other over imagined slights, reading innuendos and insults into even the most innocuous comments. I used to chalk it up to problems with the medium itself, plain text. After all, it doesn’t convey the subtleties of how we normally express ourselves, it lacks gestures and inflections and so forth. Now I’m starting to see that answer as a bit too simplistic. Because I know it’s not true. ...
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    Titans of Transparency

    Somewhere, out in the ether is a group think that judges just how transparent any given company is. Are the posts sincere or are they just market-speak? ...
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