September, 2009

  • Matt Wrock's Blog

    Debugging Managed Production Applications with WinDbg

    Yesterday our issue tracking software was hanging and the vendor was not responding to our ticket requsts (They are nine hours ahead of us). The application is a .NET application so I decided to capture a crash dump and dive in with windbg. I have a love...
  • Matt Wrock's Blog

    Debugging Windows Services in Visual Studio

    One challenge involved in developing windows service applications is debugging them in Visual Studio. I don't know why Visual Studio does not provide better support for this, but I've seen some creative techniques employed to make debugging windows services...
  • Matt Wrock's Blog

    The Perfect Build Part 1

    A year ago, my team was using Visual Source Safe as our version control repository and our builds were built and deployed manually using sophisticated tools like windows explorer and remote desktop. This was not a happy time. VSS was awfully slow...
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