July, 2011

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    Memory Footprint Comparison of .net IDEs

    I got a Amazon gift  certificate a couple weeks ago as a birthday present and decided to get a Asus Netbook (Thanks Mom and Dad!!) So far I really like it. It has 2GB of ram, and a Duo Core Atom Processor. Its very lite and small enough to lug around...
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    Recycling an Application Pool with C# (Part 2)

    The other day I shared how to use the DirectoryServices namespace to restart an app pool via C# code. The code I used had two key flaws: It used a Thread.Sleep(2000) to wait for the old app pool to be destroyed. The use of DirectoryServices required the...
  • Matt Wrock's Blog

    Recycling an Application Pool with C#

    I have been developing a CSS background image spriting, merging and minification application where I often force an app pool recycle in my integration tests. This is handy because it essentially allows me to reset the state of a web application in my...
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    Three pitfalls to avoid when writing a response filter

    I was looking at a response filter that someone else had written yesterday and I noticed a few things it was doing that ideally you want to avoid in a response filter. This is a particularly fresh topic for me since I am nearing the end of V1 development...
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