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Never thought I'd do it... but then... it's kind of fun...

Hi there! :-) 

I'm now working as Program Manager with Live Search team at Microsoft,
focusing on developing a back end platform to serve gazillions of
structured data oriented queries. 

Few things about my work... I won't bother you with my private life and my passions...

In my career at Microsoft, I worked as a Program Manager within Visual Studio Team Architect, a Solution Architect dealing with large scale enterprise integration projects and Software Factories, as Industry Architect for Healthcare, Program Manager for Industry Solutions Enablement, as world wide Industry Manager and Technical Strategist for Government, and as System Engineer. And, I'm one of Microsoft contributors behind information technology innovation and standardization in service industries, especially Government and Healthcare.

Chances are if you heard about Software Factories you may have seen some
of the work I've done, for example creating HL7 Software Factory and Business Collaboration Software Factory and you may be using some of the feature I sperheaded in Visual Studio (2008 or later...)

Prior to joining Microsoft, I led design and development of document management shrink-wrapped software products, and worked as a freelance consultant and also risked to become a computer science researcher in the area of computer languages and runtime systems design and development.

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