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  • Blog Post: Rub a dub dub, a PUP in my tub Part I!

    The Configuration of Commerce Server is stored in SQL Server database using Configuration APIs to manage it. To generate Commerce Server configuration you can use either the APIs or pre configured files. PUP which stands for Packaging and Unpackaging is used to create Commerce Server sites and resources...
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server 2007 Frequently Asked Questions

    Link to Commerce Server 2007 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server Capacity Planning Tool

    The Commerce Server Capacity Planning Tool helps to determine and rate your server performance, scalability, and flexibility in order to optimize your environment. Link to Commerce Server Capacity Planning Tool
  • Blog Post: MOSS 2007 and Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 White Paper Released!

    This download provides setup and configuration information for solutions that are based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Commerce Server 2007. This download includes step-by-step configuration tasks and sample code. This document in this download does not provide prescriptive...
  • Blog Post: Secure Commerce Server 2007 Tool

    Finally, I have updated security tool for Commerce Server 2007 to help you secure your commerce site. This secure deployment tool has been tested on a single server deployment. You can easily extend the tool for enterprise systems you are free to modify or add additional custom security procedures for...
  • Blog Post: PUP Viewer for Commerce Server 2007

    I have updated the PUP Viewer for Commerce Server 2007 and can be downloaded from GotdotNET . PUP Viewer allows you to peak inside the PUP packages and extract specific files.
  • Blog Post: Windows XP installation Instructions

    I have got a few request about people not being able to install Commerce Server 2007 on Windows XP. The simple reason for having difficulty installing Commerce Server 2007 on Windows XP is that there are few differences between Windows XP and Windows 2003 sp\R2 that are not well documented. I will make...
  • Blog Post: Fix Commerce Server 2007 After Renaming Machine Name

    There are time you have to change your machine name post a Commerce Server 2007 installation and after doing so you render your Commerce Server in operable. No matter what your scenario is I will give you two solutions. These solutions are recommended for single server deployments only. Supported...
  • Blog Post: Simplifying Authorization Management of Commerce Server Web Services

    To make the job of your infrastructure easier you may want to follow my next piece of advice. When un-packaging a Commerce PUP you get four Web Services to manage your commerce engine. Each Web Service has a different Authorization XML store. Let’s find out what Authorization Manager is. Authorization...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Solutions Center

    Locate support resources such as how-to articles, download details, and troubleshooting documents that have been reviewed and approved by the Microsoft Commerce Server team. Commerce Server Solution Center
  • Blog Post: Feature Comparison of Commerce Server Versions

    The following link provides a comparison of features for Commerce Server systems, applications, and tools for the following versions of Commerce Server: Commerce Server 2007 Commerce Server 2002 Enterprise Edition, Feature Pack 1 Commerce Server 2002 Enterprise Edition Commerce Server...
  • Blog Post: Removed or Deprecated Features of Commerce Server 2007

    The following link provide information about the functions and objects that have been removed, deprecated, or replaced in Commerce Server 200: Removed or Deprecated Features
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server 2007 Documentation Refresh on MSDN

    Take a look at the refreshed documention of Commerce Server 2007 on MSDN. CONGRAULATIONS Doc Team and thanks for all your hard work. Commerce Server 2007 Help
  • Blog Post: How to Create a Commerce Server VPC

    Requirements This section contains two sub-sections that are repeated for each machine. These two sub-sections detail the minimum hardware requirement and the software requirements to build and make the lab exercises work. The basic template you will receive will contain the hardware requirements...
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server Best Practices Analyzer

    The Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Best Practices Analyzer examines a Commerce Server 2007 deployment and generates a list of best practices issues it discovers. The Best Practices Analyzer is intended for use in Commerce Server 2007 production and staging environments. The Best Practices Analyzer...
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server Partners wanted!

    If you are a Partner and are deploying Commerce Server then lets talk. Use the email section of my blog to send me an email with your contact information and a list of opertunities you have in the pipeline and I will let you know how I can help you.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Technical Overview

    This overview contains information about solutions, architecture, and new features in Microsoft Commerce Server 2007. CommerceServer07TechOverview.doc
  • Blog Post: Commerce Server and Windows SharePoint Services

    What is Windows SharePoint Services? Web sites based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 provide a place where your team can communicate, share documents, and work together on a project. You can create a separate site for every project on which your team is working. How is Windows SharePoint...
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