This is very amusing:

For the MCA programme where you have to work with a mentor for at least 6 months and then sit the review board of 4 inquisiting people, you pay “just $29” and you will “pass on your First attempt”? Yeah, right.

But wait, there is more:
To Succeed in This Certification You Need Not be Technology Expert, Just Buy this Study Guide and Read it Well, You will Pass This Certification Easily, ....We Guarantee it. Success Pass Rating of This Study Guide is 96.8%

I mean, there are less than 100 Microsoft Certified Architects on the planet yet “By reading our MCA Study Guide product thousands of professionals succeeded in their Certification exam

I was disgusted at first but then I found it quite flattering – someone is trying to make a profit out of the MCA programme already!

If all the required years of IT experience didn’t give you enough common sense to avoid such fabulastic offers, you really deserve to buy this stuff!