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January, 2007

  • Microsoft Certified Architect

    The time is your worst enemy

    Why is the time such an enemy when facing the review board? Did you ever dig into the overwhelming amount of sub-competencies that are checked, measured and evaluated? For each competency and sub-competency you must get a tick from most (if not all) members...
  • Microsoft Certified Architect

    MCA World Tour

    I'm on the road right now hosting MCA review boards. Two weeks ago we were in Singapore and had some very interesting interviews. One candidate from Korea and one from Japan came through and that required us to engage a translator service to translate...
  • Microsoft Certified Architect

    Couple of sample questions

    I tried to avoid writing too many sample board questions as MCA review board is very free-flowing and you never know where the interview will head to. But the pressure is on and here is another batch of random questions that happened on past boards I...
  • Microsoft Certified Architect

    Behind the closed doors

    Let me try to explain what happens when the MCA candidate leaves the room and the Architecture Review Board (ARB) starts the deliberation process. The board’s first exposure to evidence of competencies comes through the submitted documentation. It...
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