I tried to avoid writing too many sample board questions as MCA review board is very free-flowing and you never know where the interview will head to. But the pressure is on and here is another batch of random questions that happened on past boards I was on. Enjoy!

1. (candidate claimed that he is a project team leader since the dawn of time)
  • How do you assess personality styles of your people?
  • How would you mentor someone who is demotivated, confused and frustrated?
  • I did a capital mistake for the third time. You have 1 minute to fire me off the project.
  • What was the last book on management you read? What did you learn out of it?

2. (candidate claimed that he is strong in IT operations)

  • How do you gather systemic (non-functional) requirements from solutions architects?
  • What is a SLA measurement unit for: Resiliency, Reliability, Availability, Recoverability
  • What is the difference between Problem mgmt and Incident mgmt in ITIL [IT Infrastructure Library]?
  • How would the networking architecture change if you’d move from IPv4 to IPv6?

3. (candidate claimed that he is strong in SW development architectures)

  • Compare REST, SOA and EDA [Event Driven Architecture]
  • Select two construction patterns and diagram their concepts
  • Talk about MDA [Model-driven Architecture]. What do you know about MTS [Model Transformation Language]?
  • What is Anti-pattern? How do you prevent them happening?

4. (candidate claimed that he is data-centre savvy)

  • What is the current wattage density of data centre (Watts per square meter [or square feet if you are from non-metric part of the world])?
  • What is the ideal temperature inside data centre [either Celsius or Fahrenheit is fine]? What happens if temperature is higher or lower?
  • What are the critical elements of the data centre autonomy? How long can facility survive without water income? Why?
  • Explain concepts of Datacenter virtualization. Or, talk about Project Blackbox (if you know it).