The PM is gone, long live the PM. I could go on, got a million of 'em...

I've been the PM for the MCA program since inception and wanted to give a year-end report card on the program and introduce the new MCA PM. I’ve recently taken a new position inside of Microsoft and while tough to move on, felt the opportunity for the program and myself were too great for me to stick around.

This year has been a significant year for the MCA program. We now have over 100 certified as MCAs worldwide. The mix is as hoped between Microsoft and non-Microsoft architects, worldwide representation, and infrastructure and solutions architects. While the number are even between the numbers of men and women certified, we have both and I am very proud of that. The process is continuously open to all that are interested and the process to achieve the certification is solid. People are starting to ask for MCAs as they have big, high-risk IT projects they are starting, and people with the MCA certification are sought after to top-level positions.

The community of architects that have achieved the MCA (and many of those that have not been as successful or have failed, worked on the feedback provided and come through again successfully) are an amazing group of people. IT has been my please and a true honor to work with these people. I can say (without any reservations) that the MCA community is by far the most dedicated and humble group of people I have had the good fortune to work with and each one of them is responsible for the success of the program and community.   

On the less positive side, the term IT architect is still not generally agreed upon by everyone, but the work done by Microsoft, and by organizations like the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) and The Open Group are helping to solidify the notion of what an architect is, what value they bring to a project, and what skills they must have to be successful as an architect. The public web site for the MCA program is not as easy to navigate as I like and the great whitepapers and articles written by the MCA community are not as prominent as I would like.

That brings me to the last topic for this blog entry, and that is introducing the new PM for the MCA program, George Cerbone. George came through the program as an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft based in the North Carolina area of the US. Since achieving the certification he has continued to grow himself as a person and an IT architect. He has also been a strong advocate for the MCA program and worked hard to grow the community and support the program.

You’ll likely see him post here after the new year and with his skills, he’ll be able to grow the program and the community in this breakout year. Welcome George, and congratulations!