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February, 2004

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    Creating a web page that's designed for Media Center (part one)

    Previously I wrote about creating a MCL file to point to a web page so it could be viewed in Media Center. This time I'm going to explain how to create a web page that is designed for use in Media Center. Web pages for Media Center need to be designed...
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    The most interesting trade show of the year

    No, not CES, or COMDEX or any of the other big electronics trade shows, but PMA - The Photo Marketing Association , it's the big trade show for all things photo related and where new products tend to get announced. Being interested in photography I look...
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    Question answer - MCL file associations

    I was asked about the MCL files that Media Center uses and why the standard “Windows doesn't know what to do with this file” message can be displayed when trying to run one directly. This can happen when trying to open a MCL from the run dialog...
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    Las Vegas and Media Center

    I spent the weekend in Las Vegas and left my Media Center at home to record everything I wanted to watch while I was away. I got back last night and fired it up and saw everything had been recorded correctly while I'd been away and nothing had gone wrong...
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    Random Media Center Tip

    If you press the record button once while selecting a program in the guide, the program will be recorded. If you press the record button twice the series will be recorded. If you press the record button three times the series recording will be canceled...
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    Creating links to web pages to view in Media Center

    In Media Center there's a page called “More Programs” that contains links to applications that have been installed for use in Media Center. It's easy to add a link on that page to a web page that you might want to view from Media Center, perhaps...
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    Hello. I'm a Software Test Engineer working in the Windows eHome division of Microsoft in the group that creates the Media Center version of Windows XP. My area of focus is extensibility - the APIs the Media Center exposes for application developers....
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