LoadPod will do it for you!  (Assuming you have an iPod and at least 50 CDs and are willing to pay $1.50 a CD and live in an area they service - which now includes Seattle).

I can certainly see the appeal, ripping a lot of CDs takes a long time.  I've probably only got about half of my CD collection on my iPod because I don't have the patience to sit and feed by PC CDs every couple of minutes.  When I get a new CD I feed it to my Media Center PC and let it rip it into WMA9 VBR for when I want to listen to it at home and then let iTunes rip it into AAC and upload it to the iPod.  At the same time I'll grab a handful of unripped CDs and let iTunes do it's thing with those as well - everything is already in WMA9 and although I could transcode them into AAC, I'd rather go direct from the CD.  Eventually I'll get everything on there, but I'm in no hurry, the good stuff is already on there.