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June, 2005

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    This week's questions (actually last week's): More on HTML and add-ins

    How are HTML apps and add-ins associated with each other? (Can HTML apps trigger add-ins to be launched?) HTML and add-ins can both be part of the same application, that is each is a different entrypoint of the application. The association takes place...
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    Media Center PC's are getting cheap!

    Betanews reports that Gateway/ eMachines will be offering a new Media Center PC for $599! The specs are pretty impressive for such a cheap computer: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 1GB DDR SDRAM 200GB hard drive ATI Radeon Xpress 200 8 in 1 media...
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    This weeks questions - always on top and registering add-ins and HTML together

    I've decided to take all the questions I get by email and answer them on Fridays in one post, so do please continue to email me any questions you have. That said, here's this weeks questions: How can I keep the Media Center window on top so I can work...
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    How to disable a Media Center add-in

    Jason over at Digital Media Thoughts sent me an email about his new article on The Powers and Perils of a Platform . Jason talks about the trouble he had when a Media Center "plugin" went bad and couldn't be uninstalled. It's not clear if it was an HTML...
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    David Burnett on digital photography

    David Burnett talks to the New York Times on what cameras he uses and why he mainly shoots digital now - he's another Canon 20D user. The article is interesting, but the audio slideshow is much more interesting. He explains that he uses a number of different...
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    Questions answered

    I've had a couple of questions by email that I should answer (note I've paraphrased some of these): What fonts should I use for my HTML Media Center application and can I use Flash? The SDK is where to go for design guidelines for HTML applications...
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    Yes, I'm still alive.

    Sorry I haven't had much (anything) to say for a while. I've been terribly busy on a number of things that it won't take a genius to guess about. So what's been going on? Well, I'm very excited about the XBox 360 and it's built in Media Center Extender...
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