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  • Blog Post: How to create Site Collection in a specific content dateabase part 2

    Following up on Thomas' post on how to create a site collection in a specific content database : You can also use the STSADM command CreateSiteInNewDB However this does not quite cut it. You would like to decide on which content database each time. To do that, you could use stsadm extensions. It will...
  • Blog Post: Lots of databases, full recovery model, low disk space...what to do?

    I do not much care for having my development databases set to Recovery modell = full. There is really no need for that. The day I need to restore a logfile the environmnet better be a production environment. Unfortunatly SQL 2005 let me set the Recovery model on a global level (Please tell me how...
  • Blog Post: How to create Site Collection in a specific Content Database?

    This is an easy, straight forward procedure to make sure your Site Collection is added to the Content Database of your preference. Add a new Content Database using Central Administration > Application Management > Content Databases > Add Content Database: NOTE! Make sure ”Maximum numbers...
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